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Moulded Fibre Manufacturing -101
IMFA will present, for the first time, an introduction to Moulded Fibre Manufacturing. This session is intended to satisfy the interest of those considering entering this manufacturing arena, those that have recently entered and those simply intrigued by what it takes to get into this industry and what it’s opportunities and limitations may be.

The format will be one of a brief presentation/ overview by IMFA’s Chairman, Gary Visser, a 30 yr. veteran of MF manufacturing and still currently at the pointy end of MF manufacturing through global consulting. Gary will be assisted by Paul Carter a highly respected, long-standing board member of IMFA and a very recently retired MF expert also with over 30 years of MF manufacturing experience and now part of the My Blended Learning team.

The presentation will cover some of the facts and myths of what it takes and what should be considered if contemplating this path. It will include but not be limited to, machines, raw materials, tooling and design, differences between thermoformed and conventional moulding, energy and more. It will also have input from Manfred Habeck, COO of SPM , an industry respected MF machine builder. This specific input from Manfred will be focused on some of the “do’s and don’ts” when considering equipment and entering the industry as a whole.

The bulk of the two hour session will be dedicated to workshopping scenarios and questions put forward by the attendees. These will be handled by a panel consisting of Gary Visser, Paul Carter, Manfred Habeck, and other industry specialists

PFAS Panel
This panel will be heavily engaged in the food service segment deployment of existing non-PFAS technology with some discussion of next generation of internal solutions. Representatives from up to 3 chemical suppliers are intended to be on the panel (Solenis, HSMG, etc). The panel will be prepared to discuss up to four (4) topics selected from PFAS substitution, furnish development, cycle time optimization, deposition management, part functionality, part weight optimization, and additives efficiency on top of the “barriers” discussion. PFAS substitution has been an ongoing feature in each conference for several years and there is considerably more experience, learning, and performance data that can be shared now.


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September 14-16, 2022 | San Antonio, Texas

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keynote speaker
Oliver Campbell, GLOBAL director OF packaging, distinguished engineer at Dell Technologies

Fiber 2.0: The Digital and Information Age
Molded fiber 1.0 was the initial development of molded fiber cushioning solutions to displace oil-based foams in protective packaging. Oliver Campbell and his Dell Technologies team were industry pioneers with the 2010 introduction of bamboo packaging which unlocked the molded fiber revolution. As molded fiber has become commonplace in many packaging applications for Dell Technologies and others, the next stage of evolution for molded fiber is 2.0: the Digital and Information Age. Digital characterization and information about packaging is becoming as important as the material itself. During this keynote address, Oliver looks at the future of accelerating e-commerce development timelines and regulatory packaging compliance with a Dell case study and what it means for brand owners and the next evolution of the molded fiber industry.

About Oliver Campbell
Oliver is a Director and Distinguished Engineer at Dell Technologies.  He is one of the most influential thought leaders in the packaging industry through combining technology innovation and supply chain enablement.  Under his leadership, Dell revolutionized the use of fiber-based cushioning in protective packaging to displace oil based plastics through the introduction of industry changing materials such as bamboo, wheat straw, mushroom, and paper molded pulps.  The innovation pipeline Dell created has extended into other sustainable packaging materials such as ocean bound plastic and pollution ink.  The result is materials that are environmentally healthier and offer lower cost and better performance which creates delighted customers and a more sustainable planet.

Oliver’s accomplishments have been highlighted for their business and social influence by The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, LinkedIn, and Fortune among others, in addition to numerous industry innovation awards.  Other distinctions include: co-founder of NextWave Plastics, a cross industry consortium focused on creating a commercially scalable supply chain to keep plastics out of the ocean; and Advisory Board member for the Tom Ford Plastic Challenge. While at Dell he has been awarded 2 US Patents with additional ones pending.  

Oliver holds Bachelor and Master of Engineering degrees from Cornell University and an MBA from The University of Texas.  Prior experience includes leadership roles at Ford Motor Company, Eaton Semiconductor, Tracor Aerospace, and the State of Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission.  He credits much of his sustainability work to having lived growing up in the Philippines and in Peru.  In his free time, you can find him training for his next triathlon.

SPEAKER sessions
Natha Dempsey, President at Foodservice Packaging Institute

Trends in Foodservice Packaging
Packaging in the foodservice industry has become a hot topic over the past few years, due to growing interest in both sustainability and policy. During this presentation, Natha will illustrate some of the trends moving through the foodservice packaging space currently and highlight themes to look for in the future.

About Natha Dempsey
Natha Dempsey is president of the Foodservice Packaging Institute, the trade association for the North American foodservice packaging industry. At FPI, she advocates for the interests of the industry and champions its efforts to expand recycling and composting of foodservice packaging. In her previous position at FPI, Dempsey served as vice president. Prior to joining the association in 2010, she held various positions at SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association (now called Plastics Industry Association).

Paul Schutes, Executive Director at Recycled Paperboard Alliance and the Recycles Paper Technical Association

Reclaimed Fiber and Direct Food Contact – Not an Oxymoron!
The US FDA has 3 regulations which govern the use of reclaimed fiber in direct food applications. The RPTA has developed a guidance protocol based on these guidelines for producers of packaging substrates using reclaimed fiber for direct food contact applications. This program, The Comprehensive Program for Food-Contact Paperboard/Containerboard Produced from Recycled Fiber (Protocol) was established nearly 25 years ago. Brand Owners today rely on their suppliers’ using substrates produced under the auspices of the Protocol to ensure the purity of packaging substrates. This presentation will provide an in-depth look at the details of the Protocol and associated certification.

About Paul Schutes
Paul Schutes is the Executive Director of the Recycled Paperboard Alliance (RPA100) and the Recycled Paperboard Technical Association (RPTA), the 2 leading industry associations dedicated to expanding the use and improving the manufacture of recycled fiber products. Paul holds degrees from Purdue University in Industrial Engineering and from the University of Bridgeport (CT) in Graphic Design. Paul is a paperboard and packaging expert with 40 years of experience in the industry. During his career in paperboard packaging Paul has held senior positions in packaging design, engineering, sales, and production. As Executive Director of the RPA/RPTA Paul oversees all administrative, program activities, and member development of the organizations. In his role he works with North America’s largest brand owners, and retailers, as well as government and non-government organizations on a wide range of sustainability initiatives.

TARIK JABRANE, P.Eng. Ph.D., Research leader, Innofibre – Innovation Centre of Cellulosic Products
Using a Tornado Pulper to Process Alternative Raw Materials for Pulp Moulding
Today it’s urgent to develop new circular economy models for alternative raw materials that are difficult to process using conventional pulping. During this session, Tarik will share his experience using a Tornado pulper for the pretreatment of alternative raw materials to produce a pulp that would be suitable for pulp moulding. He will show you how you can evaluate pulp properties and process performance at pilot scale to develop your pulp pre-treatment for pulp moulding.
About Tarik Jabrane

Tarik Jabrane is a Professional Engineer who holds a Ph.D. in Lignocellulosic Materials Science and Engineering with an award of excellence (UQTR, Canada) and a Master’s in Pulp and Paper Science (Grenoble-INP, France).

Tarik is currently leading several industrial research projects at Innofibre, Innovation Centre of Cellulosic Products on the development and manufacturing of thermomoulded cellulosic pulp products.

janet preston, senior scientist & technical support specialist at imerys minerals
Mineral Magic in Moulded Fiber Products

The global trend for reduction in plastic based packaging has led to a significant opportunity for moulded fiber products to take their place. However, there are some challenges where the use of the right mineral may provide a unique solution. Minerals can extend fiber supply, improve productivity and machine cleanliness and offer novel application opportunities for the repulpable barrier coatings necessary for many food service applications. Janet will address how minerals as fillers can give benefits in improved machine productivity (reduction in stickies, lower drying & drainage times) and as sprayable barrier coating layers. Finally, we will explore a number of analytical techniques available for understanding of the product structure.

About Janet Preston
Janet Preston has worked in IMERYS Minerals for over 30 years in the areas of board & paper coatings research, including paper coating, paints and inks and in printing science. Whilst working at Imerys Janet graduated from University of Plymouth with an honours degree in Applied Chemistry. She then gained a PhD in Chemistry with the Interface Analysis Centre, University of Bristol, where she studied ink and coated paper interactions. Janet has around 90 publications in this area. She is currently a senior technical support specialist & scientist in the company’s Performance Minerals group and is working in the area of paper, board & printing. In 2007 Janet was appointed as an Adjunct Professor (Docent) at Abo Akademi University in Finland. She is a Chartered Chemist & Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry,

Martin pudlas, P.Eng. – Chief Executive Officer at Red Leaf Pulp Ltd

Pressure on global forests is dictating that new sources of fibre need to be developed. The availability of residual wheat straw in North America is significant. During this presentation, Martin will discuss how this feedstock can serve the expanding demand for renewable molded products. The pathway can lead not only to substitution for current fossil based products, but also result in the development of carbon neutral products that support food security.

About Martin Pudlas
Before joining Red Leaf Pulp, Martin was VP Operations and Innovation for Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX-TSX).  Martin was responsible for the production of NBSK and BCTMP Pulp, High Performance Paper, and Renewable Energy.

Martin has more than three decades of industry experience, with knowledge ranging across Silviculture, Engineering, Operations and Management, Low Carbon Fuels, Renewable Energy and Bio-Products. He has served on the boards of Premium One Paper, the College of New Caledonia and is a member of the Industry Advisory Board for the UBC Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.

Martin holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of British Columbia and is a Registered Professional Engineer in British Columbia.

GOran antila, ceo of prpulping
Simplified and Improved Pulping Technology for Virgin and Recycled Paper
More fibers with less energy; a simplified way to process virgin and recycled fibers.
About Goran Antila
Goran graduated from technical school at Vasa. He is the cofounder of PikoTeknik which was sold to Voith after 3 years. Goran is also the cofounder of PrRolls and is now COB, as well as cofounder of PrPulping in 2017 and is now CEO.


Abbott Furnace

Abbott Furnace Company is an industrial furnace manufacturer with 40 years of experience designing and producing some of the industry’s most reliable and high-performing industrial continuous belt furnaces. We manufacture a variety of industrial furnaces for both the domestic and international market, including powder metalannealingbrazing, thick film processing, glass to metal seal, EV batteriessoft magnetic compositescarbon felt, and molded pulp packaging.

We are a leading producer of industrial sintering furnaces, annealing furnaces, tempering furnaces, brazing furnaces, heat treat furnacessteam treat furnaces, industrial ovens, CAB furnaces, high-temperature, and other specialty furnace products. We are a privately owned company headquartered in St. Marys, Pennsylvania. Our furnaces are proudly manufactured in the USA.

For more information, please contact Dustin Yetzer at or 814-781-6355 X 262.

AGC Chemicals Americas

AGC Chemicals Americas is a global subsidiary of AGC Inc., a multinational corporation and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of glass, electronic displays and chemical products. Headquartered in Exton, Pa. including a state-of-the-art technology center, AGCCA maintains manufacturing operations in nearby Thorndale, PA, a satellite sales office in Brazil and warehouses and distributors located throughout North America.

AGCCA recently developed FibraLASTTM, a patent-pending, non-fluorinated oil and water repellent technology.  This next generation material science solution will replace current technology. This new technology is made with natural materials and is effective as a repellent for molded fiber with oil and water hold out at 80 °C.  It is also versatile in application as the technology can be incorporated in various phases of the paper production process.

For more information, please contact Kristin Carlin at or (610) 423-4335.

AIM Sweden

“A leading specialist in metal Additive Manufacturing”
AIM SWEDEN is one of the world-leading specialists in industrial Additive Manufacturing (or 3D printing) based on the EBM technology. We support customers in selected industrial segments to capture the full potential of metal Additive Manufacturing. Advanced tooling for Molded Fiber processes has been one of our key focus areas since many years and our FreeFlow® tooling concept is very well received by the market. We continuously develop new IP in this area to expand our footprint in Molded Fiber.

AIM Sweden was founded in 2016 as a commercial spin-off from the Mid Sweden University (MIUN). MIUN has successfully carried out research in the field of additive manufacturing since 2001 and since 2007 with a particular focus on the EBM technology. AIM Sweden was established to provide industrial manufacturing services based on the expertise, experience and IP developed by the research group at MIUN. Today AIM Sweden is a true knowledge-based company providing additive manufacturing services, production as well as engineering services, to key players in molded fiber, orthopedics, aerospace and the energy sector.

For more information, please contact Stefan Thundal at


Globally headquartered in Paris, Imerys has manufacturing sites and distribution channels around the world. A market leader in kaolin clays, calcium carbonates, perlite, diatomaceous earth and wollastonite, Imerys mineral portfolio is among the most diverse in the world. Our products feed into a range of industries including paper and packaging, plastic, automotive, paints, medical and construction and building products. Imerys supports these applications with a team of technical service representatives and S&T scientists committed to improving efficiencies and sustainability.

For more information, please contact Leslie McLain at or )704) 458-1203.

Kiefel Technologies, Represented by Brueckner Group USA

Kiefel is a technological partner when it comes to design and manufacturing of machines, tools and automation used for the thermoforming and joining of polymer-based, bio-based and fiber-based materials.

For production of cups, trays, lids and a wide range of similar products, the Kiefel automatic pressure forming machines offer you the perfect solution. The Natureformer KFT 90 stands for highest possible output and lowest production cost. Flexibility and efficiency will optimize your production.

For more information, please contact Kiefel Technologies at or (603) 929-3900.