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IMFA’s 2022 golf outing will be held on Friday, September 16 at 1:30 PM CT at the Hyatt Hill Country Golf Club. The event will be a 9-hole golf game and played in a *four-player scramble format. Hyatt Hill Country Golf Club is located on the grounds of The Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa, the location for IMFA’s 24th Annual Conference. The championship course is a beautiful 27-hole facility designed by the nationally acclaimed golf course architectural firm, Arthur Hills and Associates. Set on more than 200 acres, the Hill Country Golf Club has a wide-ranging terrain with rolling meadows, steep hillsides, wooded ravines and tree-shaded plateaus, as well as the tranquil threat of lakes and ponds.

*A four-player scramble allows four players on each team. Four-player teams usually play the round without another team beside them. With each player playing from the same spot, the rounds typically finish more quickly than they would if the four players played stroke play format. The team members all hit from the same spot on each shot, with the team selecting the best ball for their next shot. This continues until completion of the hole. This format generally eliminates the need to take penalty shots or hit from the woods or bunkers as one team member usually puts the ball in a good position.

**This format caters to less experienced players who can still have a great outing. The player who is less experienced out of their teammates will begin the game. If you are unassigned to a team before the outing, you will be assigned to one.

Looking forward to seeing new and familiar faces at the Meet and Greet for the 2022 IMFA Conference in San Antonio on Wednesday evening. Hope that you will also join us for a tour of San Antonio (Hop On Hop Off Bus Trip), lunch, laughs and conversation.  Even if you are not able to participate, we will see you at the bbq on Thursday evening.  Feel free to contact Jan Carter for more details (913-206-3997 or or look for Carol, Judy or Jan on Wednesday evening to get the final details on departure time! Hope you can join us!


This award is established in Joe’s name recognizing his tireless passion for the advancement of the molded fiber industry through product and process innovation.  Joe has dedicated the last 20+ years of his career to promoting the benefits of molded fiber products and applications to users worldwide. The Joseph Grygny Lifetime Achievement Award is given annually to the individual(s) and / company(ies) who have innovated and commercialized molded fiber technology, products, and/or applications that have demonstrated sustainable market growth for the molded fiber industry.

The winners of this award are announced during IMFA’s Annual Conference each year.


To be announced this September at IMFA’s 24th Annual Conference


Jon Taljaard and Johan Oosthuizen of Southern Pulp Machinery


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Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa
September 14-16, 2022 | San Antonio, Texas

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Wednesday, September 14

3:00 – 6:00 PM CT

6:00 – 7:30 PM CT
Welcome Reception

thursday, September 15

7:30 – 9:00 AM CT
Registration & Breakfast

9:00 – 9:30 AM CT
Conference Opening Remarks

9:30 – 10:30 AM CT
Speaker Session #1: Going with the Grain… with Martin Pudlas, CEO, Red Leaf Pulp Ltd.
Speaker Session #2: Reclaimed Fiber and Direct Food Contact – Not an Oxymoron! with Paul Schutes, Executive Director at Recycled Paperboard Alliance and The Recycled Paper Technical Association

10:30 – 11:00 AM CT
Coffee Break & Exhibitors

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CT
*Breakout Session #1:
Going with the Grain…
– Moderator: Paul Carter, My Blended Learning
– Panelists: Martin Pudlas, Red Leaf Pulp Ltd.; Tony Champion, CNG; Kelly Tiller, Genera

*Breakout Session #2: Reclaimed Fiber and Direct Food Contact – Not an Oxymoron!
– Moderator: Mike Gallant, CKF Inc.
– Panelists: Paul Schutes, Recycled Paperboard Alliance and The Recycled Paper Technical Association; Jeff Buczynski, Huhtamaki Inc

12:00 – 1:30 PM CT

1:30 – 2:30 PM CT
Speaker Session #3: New Pulping Possibilities with Goran Antila, CEO of PrPulping
Speaker Session #4: Using a Tornado Pulper to Process Alternative Raw Materials for Pulp Moulding with Tarik Jabrane, P.Eng. Ph.D., Research leader, Innofibre – Innovation Centre of Cellulosic Products

2:30 – 3:00 PM CT
Coffee Break & Exhibitors

3:00 – 4:00 PM CT
*Breakout Session #3: PFAS
– Moderator: Vince Daniel, Huhtamaki US
– Panelists: Asem Mokaddem, Tellus; Jim Fox, Solenis

*Breakout Session #4: MF 101
– Moderator: with Gary Visser, IMFA Chairman, and Paul Carter, My Blended Learning
– Panelists: Gary Visser; Paul Carter; Mandred Habeck, SPM; Francisco Garcia, E6PR

4:00 – 5:00 PM CT
*Breakout Session #4: (continued) MF 101
– Moderator: with Gary Visser, IMFA Chairman, and Paul Carter, My Blended Learning
– Panelists: Gary Visser; Paul Carter; Mandred Habeck, SPM; Francisco Garcia, E6PR

*Breakout Session #5: New Pulping Possibilities
– Moderator: Mike Gallant, CKF Inc.
– Panelists: Goran Antila, PrPulping; Tarik Jabrane, Innofibre; Alex Terrazas, Michelsen

5:00 – 5:30 PM CT
Members Only Meeting

6:00 – 7:00 PM CT
Networking & Drinks

7:00 PM CT
BBQ Dinner On-Site

friday, September 16

7:30 – 8:10 AM CT

8:30 – 9:15 AM CT
Keynote Speaker: Fiber 2.0: The Digital and Information Age with Oliver Campbell, Global Director of Packaging, Distinguished Engineer at Dell Technologies

9:15 – 10:15 AM CT
Speaker Session #6: Trends in Foodservice Packaging with Natha Dempsey, President at Foodservice Packaging Institute
Speaker Session #7: Mineral Magic in Moulded Fiber Products with Janet Preston, Senior Scientist & Technical Support Specialist at IMERYS Minerals

10:15 – 10:45 AM CT
Coffee Break & Exhibitors

10:45 – 11:45 AM CT
*Breakout Session #6:
Fiber 2.0: The Digital and Information Age
– Moderator: Gary Visser, IMFA Chairman
– Panelists: Oliver Campbell, Dell; Fernando Luna, Dell; Oliver Murphy, Dell; Darek Lewis, Veritiv

*Breakout Session #7: Mineral Magic in Moulded Fiber Products
– Moderator: Paul Carter, My Blended Learning
– Panelists: Janet Preston, Imerys; Leslie McLain, Imerys

11:45 AM – 1:00 PM CT
Joe Grygny Award & Closing Remarks

1:00 PM CT
Lunch (on your own)

1:30 PM CT
Golf Outing (9-hole)

All times are subject to change.

*What is a Breakout Session?: A breakout session is a continued conversation following its speaker session. There will be a moderator in each breakout session to start and lead the conversation, and panelists will participate in the conversation. All registrants may ask questions during these sessions.


Abbott Furnace

Abbott Furnace Company is an industrial furnace manufacturer with 40 years of experience designing and producing some of the industry’s most reliable and high-performing industrial continuous belt furnaces. We manufacture a variety of industrial furnaces for both the domestic and international market, including powder metalannealingbrazing, thick film processing, glass to metal seal, EV batteriessoft magnetic compositescarbon felt, and molded pulp packaging.

We are a leading producer of industrial sintering furnaces, annealing furnaces, tempering furnaces, brazing furnaces, heat treat furnacessteam treat furnaces, industrial ovens, CAB furnaces, high-temperature, and other specialty furnace products. We are a privately owned company headquartered in St. Marys, Pennsylvania. Our furnaces are proudly manufactured in the USA.

For more information, please contact Dustin Yetzer at or 814-781-6355 X 262.

AGC Chemicals Americas

AGC Chemicals Americas is a global subsidiary of AGC Inc., a multinational corporation and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of glass, electronic displays and chemical products. Headquartered in Exton, Pa. including a state-of-the-art technology center, AGCCA maintains manufacturing operations in nearby Thorndale, PA, a satellite sales office in Brazil and warehouses and distributors located throughout North America.

AGCCA recently developed FibraLASTTM, a patent-pending, non-fluorinated oil and water repellent technology.  This next generation material science solution will replace current technology.  This new technology is made with natural materials and is effective as a repellent for molded fiber with oil and water hold out at 80 °C.  It is also versatile in application as the technology can be incorporated in various phases of the paper production process.

For more information, please contact Kristin Carlin at or (610) 423-4335.

AIM Sweden

“A leading specialist in metal Additive Manufacturing”
AIM SWEDEN is one of the world-leading specialists in industrial Additive Manufacturing (or 3D printing) based on the EBM technology. We support customers in selected industrial segments to capture the full potential of metal Additive Manufacturing. Advanced tooling for Molded Fiber processes has been one of our key focus areas since many years and our FreeFlow® tooling concept is very well received by the market. We continuously develop new IP in this area to expand our footprint in Molded Fiber.

AIM Sweden was founded in 2016 as a commercial spin-off from the Mid Sweden University (MIUN). MIUN has successfully carried out research in the field of additive manufacturing since 2001 and since 2007 with a particular focus on the EBM technology. AIM Sweden was established to provide industrial manufacturing services based on the expertise, experience and IP developed by the research group at MIUN. Today AIM Sweden is a true knowledge-based company providing additive manufacturing services, production as well as engineering services, to key players in molded fiber, orthopedics, aerospace and the energy sector.

For more information, please contact Stefan Thundal at


Globally headquartered in Paris, Imerys has manufacturing sites and distribution channels around the world. A market leader in kaolin clays, calcium carbonates, perlite, diatomaceous earth and wollastonite, Imerys mineral portfolio is among the most diverse in the world. Our products feed into a range of industries including paper and packaging, plastic, automotive, paints, medical and construction and building products. Imerys supports these applications with a team of technical service representatives and S&T scientists committed to improving efficiencies and sustainability.

For more information, please contact Leslie McLain at or )704) 458-1203.

Kiefel Technologies, Represented by Brueckner Group USA

Kiefel is a technological partner when it comes to design and manufacturing of machines, tools and automation used for the thermoforming and joining of polymer-based, bio-based and fiber-based materials.

For production of cups, trays, lids and a wide range of similar products, the Kiefel automatic pressure forming machines offer you the perfect solution. The Natureformer KFT 90 stands for highest possible output and lowest production cost. Flexibility and efficiency will optimize your production.

For more information, please contact Kiefel Technologies at or (603) 929-3900.