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Maison Ruinart has opted for a cellulose envelope that opens like a second skin.


A second skin that opens like a dress! The jury was amazed by the audacity of Maison Ruinart champagne, which chose to replace the traditional printed cardboard box with a cellulose covering with a delicate texture. This creation signed Pusterla 1880 is also part of a process of weight reduction. Embellished with the brand’s seal, a magnet opens and closes this innovative casing in a world renowned for its conservatism. Pusterla 1880 claims two years of research and development (R&D) with James Cropper, specialist in creative papers, to perfect this envelope made with a new 3D cutting process. Seven molds were needed to achieve the final result. Important for the good conservation of champagne, the ultraviolet (UV) barrier is ensured.

Pusterla 1880 obtained an Oscar for packaging in the Paper-cardboard section of the Transformation category. The jury distinguishes  achievements that highlight the technicality  and know-how of processors or brands as  well as their capacity for innovation.