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The search for sustainable packaging alternatives for the German market will not go away. Some major supermarket chains have already changed their programmes several times to find the ideal balance between protection and improved environmental performance.

The sensitive soft fruit in particular is probably causing headaches for some of them. Serwo Packaging has been present on the market for some time with various paper packaging, especially in the area of berry skins. “We have now been working for a year on our latest solution. It wasn’t easy to find the right material, but now we are finally ready to present the product”, says Thomas Däbel, branch manager of Serwo Packaging.

“Our new wood pulp bowl is made of a unique combination of materials and is machine run and sealable. We have adapted the bowl to the typical tools used in this industry. This gives us all the advantages and processing speed of a PET tray with the breathability and microclimate of the wood pulp,” says Däbel. Cooled storage is of course possible and does not affect the sealing in any way.

This means that the packaging can meet three decisive requirements of consumers and the trade: It is closed-off packaging with a visible product, that significantly reduces the need for plastic. “In addition, the tray is not only sealable but also suitable for applying a lid, which makes it suitable for smaller producers or packers as no expensive sealing machines are required.”

This bowl is particularly suitable for small berries, the focus, according to Däbel, is on blueberries, raspberries and blackberries in small packages. Following successful tests with major soft fruit suppliers, the company is now looking for buyers along the supply chain.