Industry News

June 21, 2021 |  Logan Caswell

CKF has added to its growing line-up of reduced plastic packaging with the newly redesigned Earthcycle Lid Mates. The Lid Mates marry a clear recyclable PET lid with an Earthcycle punnet, which is a thermoformed moulded fibre container that is certified home compostable and widely recyclable. While designed to suit the needs of growers and packers, the Lid Mates also have various food service and prepared food applications.

The Earthcycle Lid Mates are a crucial answer to the ever-evolving requirements of the industry. While the Earthcycle line-up boasts a range of applications in and of itself, inclusive of top seal capabilities, the Lid Mates offer an additional avenue for customers who require product containment but do not have top seal equipment.

During the redesign process CKF went to great lengths to ensure that the lids exceed standards in performance, strength, fit and quality. The new lids feature design elements for a more secure fit– especially important when produce is packed and then subject to various temperatures in the supply chain. Additionally, the PET lids provide a clear, smooth surface for labelling and visibility of the products displayed inside.

As a fully recyclable product, the clear lids can easily re-enter the intended disposal stream without much effort from the end customer.

There are three designs of the Earthcycle Lid Mates that will be available by August 2021, which can fit a total of six different Earthcycle punnets. CKF will continue expanding the product line to meet customer demand.