IMFA Newsletter October 2018

Greetings to all IMFA members and industry associates.

We have been very busy at IMFA getting on with the business of promoting our industry, answering and redirecting significant numbers of industry and product inquiries as well as preparing for PACK EXPO and our 2019 seminar in March.

Those of you that are active on social media may have come across our Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram pages. We have accumulate over 1,300 followers on our Facebook page and both Heather and Stella (MPP UK) have done a sterling job of frequently posting industry updates and news worthy items on all of these pages. If any of you have anything interesting to share on social media or on our Website news-feed, please send it through to Heather.

Our Website continues to enjoy a sustained doubling of visits over last year (over 1,200 per month) and the Members Directory/World Map of services is particularly well used in terms of directing prospective customers to member websites. I have previously mentioned that we get over 20 inquiries per month for Molded Pulp product, product design or equipment. We have in the past directed these to a number, of what we would consider “the most appropriate” members, based largely of our understanding of members capabilities and the geographic location relevant to the inquirer.

There is brand new development about to launch on our website. We have designed a new “Job Form” which when prospective inquirers land on the site, they will be directed to complete a structured “Job Form”. This job form will be filed in a “Members Only” section of the website. Three times per week an automate e-mail system will do a sweep of the Job section and e-mail out any new jobs since the last sweep. These inquiries/job requests will be mailed to a member only mailing list and every single inquiry will be mailed to every member. Granted that some inquiries may be inappropriate for your business but it does take the subjectivity out of who gets the inquiry. It will certainly be interesting for all to see the nature of inquiries coming through our offices. All members will also be able to log into the Job Section at any time and go through all filed inquiries.

Over the next few days Heather and Alan will be loading member details into the new website and every member will be sent a username and password for Member only access. This will also be able to be used for future restricted access items.

I trust this will result in more members having access to more opportunities and just one more thing that IMFA does with your valued membership dollar.

For those on the general email list that receive mail but are not members, I encourage you to consider the value of our Members Directory /World Map, as well as, the multiple weekly inquiry feed which goes to members only.

Please take a look at our website and social media pages and do whatever you can to help us promote our industry by sharing the links wherever appropriate. I also encourage members to use the IMFA logo and website link on whatever business documentation you can.

IMFA was well represented at PACK EXPO this week, with Joe being our main ambassador with assistance from Heather and some CKF staff.

I look forward to hearing your feedback on the Job section once you have been exposed to it. As always, should you have anything to share or suggest, please feel free to email me and I will respond.

Kind regards

Gary Visser,

Executive Chairman

International Molded Fiber Association