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Posted by Georgina Caldwell | Sep 15, 2020 | Asia & Australasia, Environmental, Packaging

THE WHAT? Fung Group-owned Meiyume has unveiled a new sustainable packaging solution that it claims will ‘revolutionize the beauty packaging market’. The Molded Pulp Range is made from 100 percent recyclable materials and is plastic free.

THE DETAILS The eco-designed material is crafted from plant fibers that are entirely bio-based and can be molded into versatile shapes and sizes, including an eyeshadow palette.

THE WHY? Meiyume’s sustainability mission spans sourcing to product design and the consumer experience and is aimed at driving the circular economy as well as giving its customers a better avenue to connect with the values of their end customers. Gerard Raymond, Meiyume President explains, “By exploring new materials and production processes like we did with the molded pulp range, we are able to develop mono-material products which are easier for consumers to recycle, but do not compromise on aesthetics.”