48 Prince Street, Hantsport, Nova Scotia B0P 1P0 Canada
CKF Inc.

48 Prince Street, Hantsport, Nova Scotia B0P 1P0 Canada

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CKF Inc.


CKF Inc. is a Canadian owned and privately held Company. Founded in 1933 by entrepreneur and business man R.A. Jodrey, the Company began with a single plant in Hantsport, Nova Scotia – manufacturing pie plates and cake circles for bakeries.
Over the years the company has flourished and currently has two pulp plants; one in Hantsport, Nova Scotia and one in Langley, BC. It has two PS foam plants; one in Rexdale, Ontario and one in Langley, BC. and has a plant in Delta, BC making rPET products.


CKF Inc. is a diversified manufacturer that proudly offers a wide range of molded pulp, PS foam and rPET products to meet the specific demands of retail consumers, food service operators and the packaging industry.


CKF Inc. offers a diverse portfolio of pulp, PS foam, and rPET products for purchase and use in all channels including retail, food service and food packaging. CKF is Canada’s largest manufacturer of recyclable, compostable and biodegradable plates made from renewable resources, under the Royal Chinet brand name. Royal Chinet continues to be the number one brand of choice with consumers because of its premium strength, its heritage and its reliability.
CKF Inc. is also a leader in a variety of other fibre pulp, foam, and RPET plastic products, including egg cartons, meat trays, produce packs, food trays, carry-out trays and containers. Other well know CKF Inc. brands include Earthcycle, Strongholder and Savaday

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CKF Inc. has had a tradition of Environmental Stewardship and Social responsibility that started long before “sustainability” became a well known term.
The Company actively executes a Sustainable Development Plan that was formalized in 2013. This plan lays out a roadmap to a more positive impact on the Environment and greater Social Awareness while continuing to improve business performance. We focus on creating green, environmentally friendly products using recycled materials where possible while striving to make all our products recyclable and/or compostable. We’re also committed to using manufacturing processes that have as light an environmental footprint as possible.