As a non for profit organization IMFA is a group of manufacturers users suppliers and others involved in the molded fiber industry, promoting the use of renewal materials for packaging.


Evaluation and recommendations on sources of molded fiber products and information on manufacturing processes, design and uses. Assisting and identifying applications of the various types of molded fiber products. Produce international educational seminars and provide peer networking opportunities. Provide direction and growth to potential users of molded fiber products.


Information on environmentally sustainable packaging products from renewal resources.

Additional Information

Joe Grygny founded the IMFA organization in 1993 with his partner Hub Ranger and support from Dr. Jorge Marcondes Director of the School of Packaging at San Jose State University, with the objective of replacing non renewable plastic packaging with natural renewable materials. Joe has studied molded fiber operations in many countries providing an inclusive approach in this advancing industry. He continues to research molded fiber technology, materials and processes, as well as the worldwide market for molded fiber products. He is a perpetual member of the IMFA Board of Directors.