100 Hale Street, Newburyport, MA 01950 USA
UFP Technologies

100 Hale Street, Newburyport, MA 01950 USA

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UFP Technologies


UFP Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer of molded pulp/molded fiber packaging solutions made from 100% recycled paper. Our cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions reduce labor and save space while providing superior protection at every stage of a product’s sales cycle.


With our proprietary equipment and patented design features, we can manufacture deep draw designs with steeper draft angles than other molded pulp manufac­turers. This allows us to add subtle details to the geometry, shape, and structure of the cushioning area to drastically improve performance. As a result, your solution will take full advantage of the inherent strength and flexibility of this excellent packaging medium.

Design and Engineering: Our engineering team acts as an extension of your in-house research, engineering and manufacturing groups, collaborating closely to solve your complex packaging challenges.

Manufacturing: With the highest production capacity in North America, we handle everything in-house, from prototyping and tooling to manufacturing and testing. And we have overseas partners to scale your solution worldwide if necessary. Our molded fiber manufacturing facilities are located in El Paso, TX and Clinton, IA.


For over 25 years our engineers have created thousands of designs for a vast array of products, so they know which design geometries will work best for yours. They work closely with you to provide the strong, durable, environmentally friendly packaging solution you need.

Custom Protective Packaging: We can produce a host of products such as end caps, clamshells, or trays. Our interior packaging solutions are used to protect a wide range of items such as personal computers and fragile glassware.

Retail Packaging: When manufactured with a smooth finish, molded fiber offers a visually striking design. Our solutions are found on shelves across North America containing health and beauty products, cell phones, and many more consumer goods.

Standard Products: Our lines include:

  • Wine Packs® in configurations from single packs to 12- and 15-packs.
  • Candle Packs to protect glass jarred candles.