Industry News

CDL Omni-Pac Group, a leading European player in the production of moulded fibre packaging, has completed the acquisition of the UK company Moulded Fibre Products (MFP) thus strengthening its positions in Europe.

With the acquisition of Moulded Fibre Products (MFP), the Group strengthens its position as a leading European manufacturer added value, renewable packaging. Based in Scunthorpe (North Lincolnshire), MFP is an industry leader in the production of packaging for the fruit and vegetable market, as well as hygiene solutions for the United Kingdom’s mature medical market.

“After France and Germany, our industrial presence in England completes our mission to be at the forefront in Europe of an industry providing recycling solutions, giving a new life to our paper waste, thus making future improvements to our environment. Furthermore, this acquisition will deliver strong commercial synergies in the food thanks to its strategic partnership with Evesham Packaging Limited (ESP) and medical sectors which will strengthen the Group’s objectives”, says Renaud Malarre, the Group CEO.

“Having set the business up with James Gallacher and the management team in 2012, I am proud to have seen the business grow rapidly from a standing start. As we sat down last year, it was clear that the team had some very exciting and ambitious growth plans to take MFP to the next level and we decided it was the right time to bring in a new partner to support this growth. It was important to me to bring someone in who could support the business achieve its ambitions, but also someone who understood the industry and was aligned in values. In CDL Omni-Pac I believe we have found that partner. I look forward to remaining involved as a director of the business in this exciting next chapter” says Richard Grimmer, MFP Chairman