Industry News

3:59 PM / July 15, 2021

PulPac and HS Manufacturing Group reveals cooperation in developing sustainable cutting-edge barrier technologies adapted for Dry Molded Fiber.

PulPac’s “Dry Molded Fiber” is a patented manufacturing technology for the circular economy – using renewable pulp and cellulose resources to produce low cost, high performance, fiber-based packaging, and single-use products. Dry Molded Fiber gives up to 80-90% lower CO2 footprint at similar cost as plastic. It is also up to ten times as efficient as conventional fiber molding invented over 100 years ago. It also eliminates the need for valuable water resources in the defibration process.

The goal of the cooperation with HS Manufacturing Group (HSMG) is to refine, develop and test HSMG’s platform of PROTĒAN® barrier technologies for industrial scale application methods, which enable the integration of environmentally friendly hydro- or oleophobic barriers adapted to the Dry Molded Fiber process.

“PulPac’s development is rapidly progressing, and we see much value in partnering together with other technology leaders throughout the value chain to further empower the transformation to Dry Molded Fiber from Plastics.  The Cooperation with HSMG is a driver with exciting solutions coming to the market around sustainable chemicals, barriers, and materials,” comments Ove Larsson, Chief Technology Officer at PulPac AB.