Dear Members & Friends of IMFA,

The IMFA prides itself on being a source of molded fiber information and the pursuit of industry advances and intelligence, all while advocating for environmental stability.

These principals reflect those of the Wollenberg Paper and Bioresource Science Laboratory housed in the School of Environmental and Forestry Sciences at the University of Washington (UW). It needs your help.

The Wollenberg Paper and Bioresource Science Laboratory provides students in the Bioresource Science and Engineering (BSE) program at UW with more than hands-on training in a laboratory and pilot plant settings than other degree programs at the UW. Students have the opportunity to run our pilot paper machine, the pulping and bleaching of woody and non-wood fibers, and most recently to have hands-on experience with a small thermo forming pulp mold unit.

Leaders of the BSE program were recently awarded funding for a significantly larger thermo molding unit with the goal of increasing sustainability around the university by replacing products made from plastic with products made of pulp. For example— making directly compostable planter pots for the UW nursery which will result in a decrease in plastic waste and less water and chemicals being consumed to clean the pots. The new pots will be made from non-woody materials such as wheat straw, brewers spent grain, and even ivy collected from across campus.

Unfortunately, the previous grant does not cover the full purchase and install amount. The project has a need for $42,000 to purchase, install and start-up the new unit.

The Wollenberg Paper and Bioresource Science Laboratory, BSE faculty and Washington Pulp and Paper Foundation respectfully request your help in filling the gap to acquire a thermo forming pulp unit for the laboratory. Any gift is fully deductible as a contribution to higher education.

A pulp forming unit will not only allow students of the BSE program opportunities for hands-on experience with this machinery, allow for the University of Washington to continue to move forward on our sustainability goals and also allow for pulp molding companies to have access to this unique machine at the lab, including first access to product production.

Thank you so much for your support. If you have any questions please follow up with Mike Roberts or Danna Bowers.

We look forward to working with you towards this incredible opportunity for both our students and for the manufacturers, and industry and service providers of molded fiber products.



Mike Roberts, Executive Director of the Washington Pulp and Paper Foundation,

Danna Bowers, Associate Director of CFR at the College of the Environment,

This message was sent on behalf of University of Washington, College of the Environment by IMFA. IMFA supports the principle of MF being an integral part of higher education facilities.