Food contact safe material. Pulp specifications are attached. Used in Europe by several molders already that find that there the GP cellulose fibers provide excellent hydrogen bonding and the small amount of PE/PP fiber greatly adds to the strength of the finished molded product. US specifications and availability.

Product Specification Sheet: Airlaid Dust Puck
Annual quantity: 410 metric tons per year
Container density (40ft HQ): Average 22.4Mt, (Min 19.6Mt, Max 24.3Mt)
Dimensions: Diameter: 83mm / Height: varies, min 20mm, max 80mm
Raw Material Average Standard Deviation Cellulose Fiber 93.6% 4.7%
Polyethylene (PE) 4.2% 1.8%
Polypropylene 2.2% 0.9%

Fiber length, dust particle size: maximum fiber length 2.1mm, average 0.9mm
Handling: Dust puck cylinders are packaged in Gaylord boxes, put on palettes, weighing 700kg each box

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