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Powered by the company’s nearby biomass energy plant, Jefferson’s new manufacturing facility in Lufkin,Texas will rely on Zume’s patented molded fiber manufacturing equipment system and technology

June 03, 2021 12:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

CAMARILLO, Calif. & LUFKIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jefferson Enterprise Energy and Zume announced a joint venture, creating one of the world’s first entirely renewable energy-powered manufacturing facilities that will produce compostable molded fiber products. The Jefferson Enterprise Energy owned and operated manufacturing facility will rely on Zume’s patented molded fiber manufacturing equipment, technology and professional services.

Jefferson Enterprise Energy’s new sustainable solutions manufacturing facility is being financed and built in Lufkin, Texas — a facility that will source its operating energy from Jefferson Enterprise Energy’s nearby biomass energy plant. The raw materials for the new facility will be sourced from unused farming by-products, creating an entirely closed loop system where the food that is grown creates the energy to power the facility as well as provide the input materials for the compostable packaging itself, and then after use, is used to help grow more food.

Separate from its global manufacturing partnerships, Zume also manufactures its sustainable solutions containers at Zume’s facility in Camarillo, California. Zume is engaged in world-wide sustainable solutions manufacturing partnerships with Parason and Satia Industries. Currently, Zume is available in 20 countries through its network of premier food brands, brokers, and distributors, including Boon Distribution, Click Chefs, Detox Folks, Majestic Timbers, Packaging Supplies, Prestige Tissues, Rebel Foods, Saintjo Innovations, SealTec, and SR Papers.