Carl-Benz Str. 10 - 12, Burbach, 57299 Germany
Buhl-Paperform GmbH

Carl-Benz Str. 10 - 12, Burbach, 57299 Germany

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Buhl-Paperform GmbH


buhl-paperform is one of the leading manufacturers of customer-specific and ecologically sound packaging solutions made of recovered paper. The direction to technology leadership was specified with the installation of the first FinePac production plant in Germany as early as the founding in 1996. This landmark decision is continuously pursued and is also reflected in the regular further training and qualification of our motivated employees.


We develop packaging solutions with you jointly that are individually tailored to your requirements for the product, the handling process and the internal logisitcs conditions.


Type 2 – Transfer
Type 3 – Thermo formed
Type 4 – After pressed