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Past Conferences

IMFA members have exclusive access to all past educational session materials. Sign into your Member Portal to view presentations. Click here to read a full recap of our 25th Annual Conference in from October 4-6, 2023.

Sustainability for Conventional and Alternative Fibers
Dr. Ronalds Gonzalez, North Carolina State
Naycari Forfora, North Carolina State

Global Capacity Outlook for Type 3 Molded Fiber Packaging
Alexander Koukoulas, AFRY Management Consulting

Microfibrillated Cellulose – A Bio-Binder Enhancing Strength and Barrier Priorities in Fiber-Based Systems
Otto Soidinsalo, Business Development Manager, Borregaard

New Technology for Thin Film Lamination of Molded Fiber Products
Conor Carlin, Managing Director, ILLIG North America LP

The Relevance of Molded Fiber Lamination in a Plastic-Restrictive Framework
Salvador Diaz, Sales Director, Hamer Packaging Technology
Pol Casado, Ecological Business Unit Manager, Hamer Packaging Technology

Ingeo Biopolymer Advances in Molded Fiber Applications
Koen Bastiaens, Strategic Market Manager, NatureWorks

Molded Fiber 101
Gary Visser, IMFA Chairman
Paul Carter,
Vince Daniel, Huhtamaki North America

Packaging Megatrends – Sustainability and Opportunities in Molded Fiber
Abhinav Goel, Partner, McKinsey & Company
Maimouna Diakhaby, McKinsey & Company

Regulatory Compliance: Access to the Market
Huqiu Zhang, SME

Fibre-based Packaging Industry in Action for a Circular Future
Susanne Haase, 4Evergreen

Going With the Grain
Martin Pudlas, Red Leaf Pulp

Reclaimed Fiber and Direct Food Contact – Not an Oxymoron!
Paul Schutes, Recycled Paperboard Alliance & The Recycled Paper Technical Association

New Pulping Possibilities
Goran Antillo, PrPulping

Using a Tornado Pulper to Process Alternative Raw Materials for Pulp Moulding
Tarik Jabrane, Innofibre

Fiber 2.0: The Digital and Information Age
Oliver Campbell, Dell Technologies

Trends in Foodservice Packaging
Natha Dempsey, Foodservice Packaging Institute

Mineral Magic in Moulded Fiber Products
Janet Preston, IMERYS Minerals

Operation and Maintenance of Vacuum Systems in ‎Fiber Molding Applications
Tom Daris, Gardner Denver Nash

New Developments in Fiber Thermoformer Technology & Efficiencies
Gary Sowden, Kiefel Packaging Division, Bruecker Group USA

Journey with Pulp Fiber
Leona Neill, Red Sun Farms

New Capabilities of the HP Molded Fiber Advanced Tooling Solution
Mariona Company and John Briden, HP Inc.

Papermaking with Non-wood fiber as related to MF
Mark Lewis, Sustainable Fiber Technologies

Global Molded Fiber Products Market Outlook
Brian Clayson, Freedonia

Advancing the Pulp Moulding Technology
Troy Mutton & Naurice Joseph, Pulp Moulding Dies

Recyclability: How is it Tested and What Passes?
Lon E Pschigoda II, Western Michigan University

Molded Fiber & Recyclability: The Road Ahead
Susan Cornish, MOORE & Associates

Agricultural Fiber Opportunities
Kelly Tiller, Genera Energy, Inc.

Non-wood Fibers: A Global and Regional Perspective
Kathleen Kneer, POYRY

Direct to Consumer Packaging
Steve Mclaughlin, CUFPT

Pulp Molding – A View From the Plastics Industry
Friederich Jaeger, JMBG Paper

Regulatory Challenges
George Misko, K&H

Lynn Dyer, FPI

Fire Risk / Prevention in the Molded Fiber Industry
Tom Lentz, Aon Risk Solutions

Huhtamaki Molded Fiber Technology
Peter Dijkstra, Huhtamaki

2018 Global Molded Pulp Market Outlook
Daniel Meges, Fredonia

Huhtamaki Molded Fiber Packaging Overview – History, Markets & Innovation
Paul Carter & Peter Dijkstra, Huhtamaki

An Unexpected Difficult Journey
Patrick Willink, James Cropper

NMFC Classification: Shipping Cost Impact
Donald Newell, National Motorfreight Classification Commission

Wet End Slurry Additives
John Leckey, Solenis

Drying Molded Fiber Products
Munishwar Kumar, Mohan Molded Fibre Products, Ltd.

Mechanical Pulping
Eric Chao Xu, Andritz Inc.

Tornado Pulper Applications
Luigi Silveri, Lamcor Corporation

Are Non-Wood Fibers for You? Maybe, Maybe Not!
Robert Hurter, HurterConsult Inc.

Slurry Technology
Neale Fetterly, Kadant/Black Clawson

Marketing through Distributors
Paul Zancanelli, Victory Packaging

Fiber Molding Technology
Steven Carolus, BeSure Technology

Discussion on the Characteristics of Plant fiber and the Tech of Molded Pulp
Hellen Wu, HGHY

Foodservice Packaging Institute
Lynn Dyer, Food Service Packaging Institute

Amazon Supply Chain
Suzanne Fisher, Amazon

Certifications Available for Molded Fiber Products around the World
Bruno De Wilde, Organic Waste Systems

Molding with Wheat Straw
Fernando Marin, Kalamazoo

Pulping Process
Tony Skyora, GL&V

Global Recovered Paper Market Trends‎
Bill Moore, Moore & Associates

Global Macroeconomic Environment
David Katsnelson, RISI

Packaging Trends Worldwide
Tom Schneider, World Pack Organization

Molding Machinery
Allen Lun, Guangzhou Nanya Pulp Molding

Regulatory Challenges for Recycled Fiber Users
Joanne Arnold, Recycled Paper Technical Association

Manufacturing Improvements with Slurry Additives
Brian Duffy, Nalco Corporation

Alternative Fiber Comparisons
Mark Lewis, Sustainable Fiber Technologies

Studies of Molded Fiber Product Manufacturing
John Hunt, U.S. Forest Product Laboratories

Fluorochemicals for Molded Fiber Applications
Michael Sanchez, AGS Chemicals Americas, Inc.

Fire Sprinkler Systems
Terry Victor, Tyco/SimplexGrinnell

Packaging Market Update
Lisa Pierce, Packaging Digest

SPC Update and the Molded Fiber Industry
Adam Gendell, Sustainable Packaging Coalition

Measuring Consistency Today
Dave Dailey, Cs Products

Producing High Strength Molded Fiber Products
Jeff Hyde, Minifibers, Inc.

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