3715 State Highway 97 Alt. North, Wenatchee, WA
Keyes Packaging

3715 State Highway 97 Alt. North, Wenatchee, WA

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Keyes Packaging

Organization Description:
Keyes is a leading provider of environmentally friendly protective packaging for the food and beverage industry. One of the largest molded fiber plant on the West Coast, located in the heart of North America’s largest apple and pear growing regions.

Services Description:
Produces molded fiber trays for packaging and shipping apples, avocados, eggs and wine bottles.

Product Description:
Molded fiber apple, avocado, egg and wine packaging.

Additional Info:
We’re sold on sustainability and have been for decades. Long before “being green” made a good sound bite, we knew it was just good business. Keyes has been running a sustainable, green business for decades, and continue to maintain our commitment to responsible innovation throughout our full lines of fruit, vegetable, egg and wine packaging made from recycled materials.

Keyes’ extensive quality control procedures ensure that our packaging is produced to exacting standards, day after day, year after year.  Being the first in its industry to become SQF certified.