Guangdong, China

Minjie Eco-Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. (short as “Minjie”), has been focusing on the evaluation and implementation of the overall planning for molded fiber project for many years, with company philosophy “Innovation, Technology, Dedication, Harmony”, targeting to provide clients with one-stop service.

Minjie has its location in Jiangmen, Guangdong, China, covering an area of 10000㎡, with workshops for machinery and mold, covering function modules including molded fiber machinery manufacturing, electric automation, installation and commissioning, etc.

Minjie attaches great importance to the investment in technological research and development, setting up an operation center beside the international science and technology innovation park, reserving experienced personnel in technology research and development, mold design, customer service and marketing management, dedicated to stepping towards higher automation, lower energy and more superior efficiency by way of continuous innovation and concentration in study.

Minjie has been and always will be fulfilling the ambition: to Make the Sky Bluer.